Here at Art Party, we believe in hugs. I mean, we really believe in them! Not only are they cosy and affectionate ways to show love, but we have found many cities to be too cold and impersonal, and when you enter our event, we want you to feel welcome.

Is hugging compulsory? No. But open your arms and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it, even if it doesn’t come naturally.

What’s the Rocking Om Hug? It’s an Art Party Tradition, and has connected more than 2500 strangers all over Australia and the world. It’s the party of the party where we actually connect with one another, instead of cursorily dismissing strangers. It’s when we allow ourselves to be comfortable in our skin, and welcome another to get to know us briefly. It feels good, breake the ice and is proven to give you doses of free happy drugs in your brain.

Hugging facts : 
– Cuddling increases feelings of safety, security, trust, strength, healing, self worth, belonging, happiness and appreciation
– A hug encourages bonding by increasing the levels of oxytocin in the body
– Studies show that IQ development is delayed in children who don’t receive hugs. Those that lack hugs start walking, talking and reading later
– According to a survey taken in America, marriages where hugging or touching are present, last longer than those without
– A brief hug with a romantic partner is equivalent to 10 minutes of handholding and greatly reduces stress
– Psychologist Karen Grewen found that both males and females gain higher levels of oxytocin (bonding hormone) after a hug
– People crave 13 hugs a day – but most don’t receive this many
– A hug normally lasts 9.5 seconds
– On average, people spend an hour a month, hugging
– As hugging increases oxytocin and reduces cortisol – it leads us to a healthy heart and lower blood pressure (good for those with hypertension)
– Hugs also lower our heart rate, promoting a calming effect
– Full body hugs stimulate the nervous system
– It decreases the feeling of loneliness, helps up combat fear, increases self-esteem, affirms relationships, defuses tension and shows appreciation.