<strong>Jessie Ray</strong>
Jessie RayFounder/Director Art Party Australia
Jessie Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer who has a wild, insatiable passion for painting, poetry, fire spinning and event management. She is only about 4 foot tall, but makes up for it in bear hugs and way too much enthusiasm. 
<strong>Deb Morgan</strong>
Deb MorganHost, Sydney
Deb is the mastermind behind The Studio, the venue for Art Party Sydney each month. The Studio is part-Art Gallery, part-artist studios, part-performance space, part-office, and all-radness. Deb has created a hub for videographers, photographers, performers, and creators of all kinds to gather and evolve. What a legend. 
<strong>Tash Mulhall</strong>
Tash MulhallEvent Organiser/Photographer Sydney
Tash is a fantastically bubbly soul and the first professional photographer Art Party ever engaged with to capture our community. Committed to beauty, and a keen admirer of poetry, live music, dance, burlesque and more, Tash has been with Art Party for over 2 years! Over this time she has helped keep Art Party alive with venue management, artist management and bookings, creative direction and the touring of Art Party on the road, not to mention decor, festival involvement, risk assessment, general operations and marketing. She also kicks ass with landscape photography and weddings, in case you were wondering.
<strong>Tara O'Hehir</strong>
Tara O'HehirPhotographer Sydney
Tara is a powerhouse hugger, and a photographer, lending her charms and eye to our community. With her unique style, she captures our event beautifully, selecting the cheekiest moments and brightest smiles to snap. Tara is one half of The Equal Project, a humanitarian not-for-profit, and is a fan of using her talents to elevate those around her.
<strong>Shanks Samarajiwa</strong>
Shanks SamarajiwaPhotographer Sydney
Shanks is the other half of The Equal Project and another one of our lovely photographers who manages to capture the flair and buzz of every performer. Dedicated and with a golden sense of humour, Shanks is an efficient businessman and loves his craft about as much as we do!

<strong>Bron Watkins</strong>
Bron WatkinsProduction and Resident Violinist, Sydney
Bron is our resident violinist and production junkie. This lady is all things sound equipment and provides nothing but the best quality, at ridiculously supportive prices. She also happens to be a killer violinist and often offers up her talents for live jamming if you need.
<strong>Alexis Escavito</strong>
Alexis EscavitoMerch Man & Resident Fun Guy
Alexi is the world’s best spruiker and merch merchant, with the gift of the gab, a charming and ridiculously good looking smile and enough joie de vivre to share around, this genius is a musician, chemist, world-changer and love-maker. Chances are, you’ll want him jamming, dancing, or creating with you.
<strong>Kat Kicuroski</strong>
Kat KicuroskiWelcome-Hugger, Forker, all round superchamp
This delightful woman has been assisting Art Party and contributing her forks, her welcome dotting and her hugs for the last two years. With the grace of a gazelle, the humour of a Kicuroski and the dance moves of a queen, this soul certainly knows how to inject warmth into a room. She is sassy, she is classy and she is an exceptional human bean. Give her a cuddle one day.  
<strong>Tim Kicuroski</strong>
Tim KicuroskiWelcome-Hugger, Vollie-Handler and tallman
 Tim is the other beautiful half of Mrs Kicuroski, a tall, bright-hearted and soulful individual who loves to dance, loves to help, throws himself into many projects, and gives the best hugs ever! For the last two years, Tim has been contributing his efforts at the door to welcome our audience, give cuddles and change, optimism and a smile, and pick small people up off the ground. Thanks Tim! You rock!
<strong>Jess Kirkby</strong>
Jess KirkbyHugger, Helper and Dancer
If anyone is going to be on the dancefloor, busting grooves, it’s this wild woman. With a history in design and fashion, a huge passion for live music and liveliness, Jess’s face will no doubt be the one you’re beaming at, at the next Art Party. She has acted in many roles in Art Party’s history, included bar babin, first-dancer, hugger, merch and canteen lady, packer-upper, and more! She is considered to be the best Captain in the business and puts a person to task with their own ambition and her happy encouragement. Captain Kirkby, you’re a champ!  
<strong>Sharon So</strong>
Sharon SoHugger, Helper and Dancer
 Shaz has been many wonderful things to Art Party, including a gracious bar babe, packer-upper, hugger-extraordinaire, merch and canteen lady, dancer, laugher, general joy-creator. She has a heart of gold and a smile to match which lights up in laughter usually at the silly things in life. She is friendly and open and has the best dreads in history. Ever. With a history in social services and support, Shaz is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, resilient, adventurous, kind and generous.

<strong>Zaynab Tuta</strong>
Zaynab TutaDirector, Art Party Canada
Zaynab is a poet, writer, MC and event organiser currently living in Nelson, Canada. She first hosted the touring party in Melbourne in 2013 and since then has been a great advocate for Art Party, so much so that she has taken it all the way home. Here is a goddess of a woman, a mother to some and a sister to others, a leader and a shining light. Get to know her, she is a star! 
<strong>Lou Sawilejskij</strong>
Lou SawilejskijCo-Producer, Art Party Central Coast
Where does one begin to explain the unbelievably radiant soul that is Lou? A huge supporter of the arts across many different genre and a kickass friend and colleague, Lou is the new co-producer for Art Party Central Coast 2016 series, alongside Jessie Ray. With a bucketload of experience in art-making, event-curation, artist management, vollie management and general badassery, this woman is a goddess and one who will be changing the landscape of Art Party up north very very soon.
<strong>TJ Bendeich</strong>
TJ BendeichDirector, Art Party Airlie Beach
Lending her sunny charms and gleeful banter to our newest location in the Whitsundays, TJ is another historic supported of Art Party and one who wanted to recreate some of the culture she found in it, in Airlie Beach. Very chilled, warm and happy to have a chat, TJ is your touchpoint for all Queensland-based Art Party enquiries. Lucky us!

<strong>Mickey Simons</strong>
Mickey SimonsDirector, Art Party UK
Mickey is a radiating soul of a person who makes everyone around him laugh, feel loved and feel a little bit sassy. A fan of kilts, live music, adventures and silliness, Mickey is the ideal person to head up our newest expansion into the UK to spread some of the Art Party love over there in London. Host, MC, event organiser and all-round great hugger, this is a guy to know.