Three years ago we happened upon an artist so dry in their humour and so sarcastic in their wit that we were certain this person had a prickly demeanour and a general cynicism for all. What a surprise to learn that this somewhat punky exterior protected a mushie, community-driven, poetry-loving artist, with their sights set on the weird and wonderful. This character has found the perfect point in between self-realisation and expression, being humble yet at the same time confident, direct but compassionate and with iron-clad opinions.
They don’t try to sugarcoat their art so its easier for you to swallow, they relish in the deeply cathartic practise of calling a spade a spade and hope you will too. Check out what they have to say about art/life before next Friday’s Art Party! A little birdy tells us they’ll be launching their EP/video series, and having seen it already, we can tell you, it’s ridiculously good entertainment.


How would you describe your vibe?
I think its fair to say that most of my art is relatively unsettling…as ultimately its just an excuse for me to let my endless bouquet of mental illness run amok. I recently heard someone compare my sound to that of a VL smashing in to an art gallery, which is definitely an evaluation I’m pretty chuffed with.

the world is a pretty fucked up place, gotta try wrest some joy from that sucker somehow.

Why do you create?
I create because I’m terrified that if I don’t, my body may spontaneously combust showering my friends and family in blood and viscera. Honestly, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at…plus the world is a pretty fucked up place, gotta try wrest some joy from that sucker somehow.

What do you think Sydney (or Australia) needs more of or less of?
More Art Party, less violent xenophobic hate crime? Having said that, traveling overseas certainly gave me a much deeper appreciation of Sydney’s more positive attributes. How fucking sick are Frangipanis??


Favourite line out of one of your pieces and why?

It is what it is
until it isn’t any more
and it’s as simple as that
but that’s not simple at all

I’m a bit of a shameless poetry nerd and a huge fan of haiku, so I really get a kick out of crafting mini-poems like this lil guy. Pretty much sums up every relationship I’ve ever had in one tiny couplet. Brevity is dope.


Who is your biggest muse?
I take inspiration where I can and strive to constantly surround myself with interesting people doing exciting things. Pretty much just on that Kerouac tip, doin my best to lead a life worth writing about.

What do you love/hate about being an artist and why?
I really love having a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed even when everything else is turning to shit. I think as a fairly typical self-loathing narcissist I also hate/love the huge pendulous swings from soul-crushing despair to absolute euphoric jubilation. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the week prior to your launch at Art Party, how would you have the audience prepare for your performance?
Im gonna have to really put my foot down here and insist everyone partake in a strict regime of doing whatever they feel like. You guys seem like you know what you’re doing.

Where can we find more links to your stuff?

Thank you! See you on Friday 31st for your album launch at AP xx