Art Party contacted Rosell Flatley to discuss her inspirations, gratitudes and soulfood in preparation for her upcoming collaborative exhibition ‘Midnight Alchemy’ with Styna and Irene Feleo.

My artwork is mostly inspired by the women I meet and the energy that they bring to conversations we have.

Opening night is Friday 15th January. Event details here >>

What is your favourite art form to create?
My artwork is mostly inspired by the women I meet and the energy that they bring to conversations we have. I transform the feelings and emotions into “creatures” that artistically represent the stories that they share. This is where I use symbols, such as the third eye and chicken feathers as well as lines, patterns and objects that I think suits the subject.

How would you describe your vibe?
Moody and not of this world, Rosell’s Creatures have a life of their own and many secrets to tell. With their mysterious charm, Rosell’s Creatures magnetise the viewer, provoking them to seek out their stories and learn of their experiences

Why do you create?
I create because it get’s me excited and I love the process. Taking an idea or vision from concept is exhilarating and I take the creatures on the journey. I feel l have a purpose in life and get to leave something behind for my children and grandchildren.

This is how I feed my soul.


What’s your favourite artform to experience?
My creatures are conceived through the experimentation of different mediums, such as ink, watercolour and acrylics.

What do you think Sydney (or Australia) needs more of or less of and why?
I would like to see more public awareness and local government support to help bring art culture to Sydney.

Favourite place to feel happy and balanced?

I’m happy at home with my family and also being surrounded in nature. I’m balanced when I go back home to the Philippines because it reminds me where I came from, the hardships endured and the happy memories.

I’m grateful for being alive


Give me five things you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for family and friends
I’m grateful for being alive
I’m grateful for being loved
I’m grateful for my kids without them I wouldn’t have balance in my life
And lastly I’m grateful to my husband, the love of my life. We’ve been together for almost ten years and over those years he has supported and encouraged me to achieve my goals. Thank you Brian.

Where can we find more links to your work?
Gurl! You can find me on Instagram
And my tumblr
My website is still under construction.