It is no secret that we at Art Party love multidisciplinarians and moreso when the two disciplines are completely unrelated.

Enter LOUM, aka Louisa Magrics from the Central Coast. Drummer and installation artist.

Louisa is something of an enigma. Softly spoken and bright-eyed, with a spark of something bad about her, she is unforgettable. She first came into contact with Art Party in 2013 when we travelled to Gosford to perform at the Rhythm Hut. She danced along with the ladoai women, drummed, sung and threw her body around like she just didn’t care. She has achieved that perfect balance between ‘i’ve-been-working-on-this-all-night-perfectionism’ and ‘throw-it-to-the-ground-and-dance-it-in-a-knot-aloofness’. You can tell she cares greatly about whichever of her arts she engages in, but she doesn’t take it too seriously and is able to still enjoy the artistic process for what it is – a process.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions for our dears ahead of the next Gosford gig, this weekend.


How would you describe your vibe?
I’d say easy going, a bit nerdy and a little bit quirky.

Why do you create?
That’s a bit of a hard question, I suppose I create for many different reasons… I would say the main thing is because it feels right. I also play drums, and there’s a really special, amazing feeling that comes alongside creatively expressing yourself. I see it as the best kind of catharsis, an antidote to life’s troubles that can inspire something more beautiful, rather than more of the same.


What do you think Sydney (or Australia) needs more of or less of?
I think we need more of an appreciation for arts and culture (George Brandis, looking at you.)

Favourite place to perform?
I love community organised spaces, it’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling when profits can go back into the community or towards a fundraiser rather than to the alcohol industry.

Give me one thing you’re grateful for.
Parents who have encouraged me to do what I love, they are awesome human beings and I am very lucky.

To see Loum’s installation pieces in person, come along to Art Party Gosford 2 – The Cozy Sleepover Edition, this Saturday night!