Lou Sawilejskij is the General Manager of the Rhythm Hut, Gosford, the Mama-bear for a bunch of live-in volunteers and an inspiration to many young art-makers, groovers, touring musicians and local loves. She works tirelessly to provide a year-round calendar of events for the Rhythm Hut and keeps Rendra Freestone of the Rhythm Hunters on his toes.

Who are you and what are you trying to do?
I am Louise Sawilejskij
My aim is to promote, foster and support the arts in all it’s beautiful forms. Particularly focusing on upcoming, local acts, grass roots movements, and communities.

Artists are too often under valued for their work. I believe artistic careers are no less valuable than any other career choice, and that we should support artists as such.

Why is this important?
The arts bring something alive in people – whether they are creating, participating or observing. It brings people together in a unique and extremely valuable way – that heart-felt-explosive-words-can’t-describe kinda way. It’s an expressive outlet for the creative mind, and it is often not supported by traditional means in every day life. Artists are too often under valued for their work. I believe artistic careers are no less valuable than any other career choice, and that we should support artists as such. And the most important reason – I love arts, and I LOVE what I do! I am the luckiest person in the world to have this job!

What art practise do you enjoy most?
I work mostly with musicians, and while not a musician myself, I’ve always had a very strong love of music, especially live music. I’ve also very recently rediscovered my love of poetry in the form of spoken word. I’ve often written for myself, and enjoyed poetry as a teenager, however over the past few years, artists such as Luka Lesson, Bliss n Eso and L-Fresh the Lion have reopened my eyes to the art form of words.
However, I cannot go past art and graphics. I’ve painted since before I could walk, I always carry pens/paper/markers with me, I doodle on everything, and try make time to get artistic, crafty in any way possible in my free time – whether it’s painting, creating digital art, making head pieces, or drawing in the sand at the beach. My grandfather was an artist and had a huge influence on my life growing up – he was my hero! I have the fondest memories of spending time in his studio, him teaching me how to mix oil paints and create depth within a painting.
I have an Honours degree and 15 years experience in Graphic Design. I gave up corporate design a few years ago, and now have the pleasure of picking and choosing the graphics work I wish to work on. Life is good!

What do your friends say about you?
Oh geez!! Perhaps that I’m a hard worker, fierce, and put everything I have into everything I do.
[edit: Jessie Ray : And that you’re a bloody legend, just quietly]

Who is your biggest motivator?
My biggest motivator is my community! Whichever community I am working with at that time. Whether it be The Rhythm Hut, Rhythm Hunters, Art Party, One Space, or helping with the youth at The Lounge Room. When I create or assist in creating an artistic endeavour that pulls together community and goodness within an area, and brings people and artists together in a supportive way, it creates a true sense of purpose within myself. To see the delight, love and friendship that grows within these events is the biggest motivator to continue to do what I do – and to continue to grow this!

Lou and Rendra are already in the Blue Mountains, preparing for their annual super-event, Rhythm Underground, which is set to be a doozy. There may be one or two tickets left so get in quick!! >>> https://www.facebook.com/events/1675279752690805/

To contact Lou about bookings at the Rhythm Hut, write to classes@therhythmhut.com.au and say hello!