Art is a form of communication, an exchange of ideas – I love it when my ideas are reflected back by the ideas of others.

We have the pleasure of meeting, knowing and witnessing the growing influence of many emerging and established artists in Sydney. Christie is our featured artist for the week and is an accomplishment event manager, curator, painter, doer and all-round creative. We want to know the whats and whys behind her creative process and break down the anonymity between artists and audience a little. Here is what she has to say.

Who are you and what are you trying to do?

My name is Christie Torrington. I am a visual artist. I am currently attempting to survive in this strange & beautiful world by making art.

Why is this important?

Art is important to me because it is my escape – it allows me to withdraw from reality & focus on something that is unimportant or fantastical… it doesn’t matter if I mess it up. Art to me is a form of meditation. Making things is super relaxing – the best way to unwind after a stressful day. Creating something meaningful from raw materials is another really satisfying thing for me. I also really like making others happy through this process – It feels really great when someone tells me the things they see in my work, what it means to them, or expresses that they are emotionally affected by my pieces.

Art is a form of communication, an exchange of ideas – I love it when my ideas are reflected back by the ideas of others.

Christie Torrington
grey gorge
ink, watercolour & collage on arches paper
© 2015

What art practice do you enjoy most?

I work mainly across painting & drawing, but I dabble in other mediums too. I painted with oils for many years, but more recently I have developed my skills with watercolour & ink.
For the past 18 months I have been working on a collection of works on paper exploring the realms of science, fantasy, astronomy & geology. I have attempted to to echo the ethereal nature of sci-fi art, combining collage techniques with skilful mimicry to confuse the eye & create new landscapes from old. Incorporating collage, watercolour & drawing techniques, these works intentionally blur the line between lost & found, light & dark, reality & fiction.
These new worlds transcend traditional representations of fantasy and reality – stirring lost memories and creating imaginary universes.
The transparency & unpredictability of fluid mediums such as watercolour & ink are ideal for this subject matter & I really enjoy working in this oeuvre. Using collage was a new direction for me, as was incorporating found images with my painting. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums & techniques all the time – this constant challenge to reconcile the concept with the execution is one of my favourite elements of the creative process & what keeps me going in my own practice.

What do your friends say about you?

Haha I’m not sure! Probably that I am a perfectionist!

Who is your biggest motivator?

I would say that the community of artists around me are my biggest motivator. I feel like I am always kept moving by dynamic people in my creative community.

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Christie is also holding this FREE event next week in Chippendale for young creative entrepreneurs. Get on down and learn a few industry secrets! In order to get ahead, you need to get involved! >>>