I definitely practise polybandery. Jamming and unplanned discovery is the best!

Art Party is proud to present to you a gem so rare that it’s near impossible to classify her, so don’t bother trying. She is an inventor, writer, eco-warrior, music-maker, rapper, community-builder and an incredibly ‘together’ person with her morals and values in the right place and a plan of action to suit.

Playing guitar and violin from a young age, Bronsai Watkins has become a cornerstone of the arts community in Sydney, particularly in the Inner West, in the environment/sustainability movement and in the anarchy and DIY communities. I shit you not, in the last 6 months worth of gigs, she has been the most-requested accompaniest, violinist, and singer, with artists from all over requesting her involvement. Humble, energetic, kind and wise beyond her years, Bron is also a crazy-good entrepreneur, now running her own sound-production business called Two Dogs One Bone and spends most of her free time protesting the rights of those less fortunate, and writing music of course.

We asked Bron a few questions about her own approach to creativity, as we are happy to announce the release of her latest single ‘Love Sauce (Art Party Song)’. < CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN! What bands are you in and what vibe are they?
I definitely practise polybandery. My longest running band project is Golden Orb, which plays among a crazy range of genre (folk, electronic, funk, ambient) and instruments but above all aims to create a largely improvised unique and present moment for both the band and the audience. So the vibe is kinda… vibe itself. Then there’s Little Hart an indie, folk sextet, who create super emotional landscapes of love, beauty and longing. There’s Slyngshot, an all-female-bodied-peeps folkpunk band, and finally my own acoustic stuff… made up of very personal, confessional songs that don’t quite fit anywhere else just yet.

How long have you been practising music?
I was lucky enough to learn violin from a young age, then picked up guitar as a teen. I was never very devoted to structured practise, jamming and unplanned discovery is the best!


It’s like quitting smoking. Hard, but all the science says it’s going to make us live longer!

What do you think Sydney or Australia needs more or less of and why?
We need more compassion. We are quite diverse as a society but still very divided along racial and class lines and divided more generally by our attitude of hectic individualism. We could use more sharing. Less… We need to have less or a dependence on fossil fuels, mainly at an industry level (those guys are the serious offenders). It’s like quitting smoking. Hard, but all the science says it’s going to make us live longer!

What inspires creativity in you?
It’s the universe singing through me! Can’t explain the source really, but I just gotta express all the beauty and sadness and wonder and love in my heart and music seems to satisfy it best.

In five years time, what does your art look like?
I’m an instrument builder/repairer by day. Things are in motion. My current dream is to create more performance artworks/pieces that utilise gigantic frankenstien electronic folk instruments as metaphors for things like evolution and self. Yep.


Tea, coffee, both or neither?
Both, but i’m trying to quit coffee! Apparently it’s bad.

Most surprising time of creative flow for you?
It’s always a bit surprising. I often get waves late at night, somewhat unfortunately for my housemates!

A great big thank you to Bron for sharing her insights with us, as well as a piece of her dazzling personality. Keep an eye out next time you see her around town, and if you aren’t yet following her bands, check out the links in the article above to find them!