Art Party Kampala, 2016

Dear Art Party Supporters,

Well! It has been quite amazing, these last few weeks in Kampala and I am proud to say that our Art Party Kampala was an enormous success!
We had roughly 250 attendees from all walks of life, mostly locals, 14 different artists, 3 photographers, a videographer, a full bar and dinner set […]

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BIG NEWS! Art Party Kampala is go!

Well, what a year it has been already for Art Party and the mighty forces of cultural connectivity that we have all developed together.

In June/July, AP Founder Jessie Ray will be travelling to Kampala, Uganda, to visit family. Her brother currently works in downtown Kampala and has offered to host a local Art Party […]

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Small communities, big hearts, huge talent!

It’s been an amazing few years for Art Party and the growth of connected, conscious, creative communities in Sydney and beyond. 2016 is no different and may be our biggest year yet, with a delicious array of superb artists gathering each month for your pleasure.

The most significant change to Art Party’s MO, is the […]

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Lou Sawilejskij is the General Manager of the Rhythm Hut, Gosford, the Mama-bear for a bunch of live-in volunteers and an inspiration to many young art-makers, groovers, touring musicians and local loves. She works tirelessly to provide a year-round calendar of events for the Rhythm Hut and keeps Rendra Freestone of the Rhythm Hunters […]

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Featured Artist : STACKHAT

Three years ago we happened upon an artist so dry in their humour and so sarcastic in their wit that we were certain this person had a prickly demeanour and a general cynicism for all. What a surprise to learn that this somewhat punky exterior protected a mushie, community-driven, poetry-loving artist, with their sights […]

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