Well, what a year it has been already for Art Party and the mighty forces of cultural connectivity that we have all developed together.

In June/July, AP Founder Jessie Ray will be travelling to Kampala, Uganda, to visit family. Her brother currently works in downtown Kampala and has offered to host a local Art Party on July 9th, in order for us to facilitate community meetings, support local emerging talent and have a family-friendly day in the sun with good art, sensational live performance and great food.

In order to ensure we have a good mix of local and expat friends in the audience, we are running a Gofundme campaign for Australian Art Parties to get behind.

For $5 you can buy a local a ticket to a night of multidisciplinary local art, which ensures the artists and technicians are paid fairly and there is a beautiful, full audience to give respect to the artist.

We are only asking for a small figure of $1500, as there are no venue fees. All these fees will go directly towards the artists, photographers and sound technicians.

DONATE HERE >> https://www.gofundme.com/artpartykampala

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated! From tiny things, big things grow!