Deb Morgan, mastermind behind The Studio and Create or Die, is a woman with her finger on the pulse of arts politics, funding and strategy. Deb penned an article recently with these topics in mind, leading us to contemplate why it is we create, what our boundaries are and how we can make our creative pursuits successful without ongoing financial support.

Art Party has always been independent and will hopefully remain so as long as it can, provided the community sees it as a benefit. While we would like to ask for funding, one thing that has always been a deterrent are┬áthe cuts that seem to always wipe out the smaller arts organisations first. The strategy being, if we can create and sustain our own mini-economy and keep meeting the needs of artist, audience and friend, then hopefully we ourselves won’t need funding, and thusly won’t be too affected should it be taken away, but artist-run-spaces… the places in which we hold Art Party, well.. that’s another story. To have no support from a venue, means we cannot continue on either. Keep your eyes peeled for how this all goes down.

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