Dear Art Party Supporters,

Well! It has been quite amazing, these last few weeks in Kampala and I am proud to say that our Art Party Kampala was an enormous success!
We had roughly 250 attendees from all walks of life, mostly locals, 14 different artists, 3 photographers, a videographer, a full bar and dinner set up.
From the drum circle at the very beginning, we knew we were in for something special. Ngoma Jam Sessions ( ran our drum circle, with Ejuku leading the charge. In truth, Ejuku turned out to be an excellent addition to our creative family, as he kept up the energy of his crew and the audience all night, along with jumping up on stage whenever he was welcome to, to jam along – just what we like!
We had three poets, Nada, Xenson and Joseph who wowed the crowd with their presence, and brought the crowd to a magical hush with their words.

Two gents from Breakdance Project Uganda ( called Eric Sama and Faizal Mostrixx absolutely WOWED our crowd with two separate performances, blending hip hop, contemporary dance, breaks and traditional African dance to great applause.

We had a live painter, Denis Mubiru capturing the energy of the crowd on the night, and Xenson the poet had also set up an installation to the right of the stage, made of found materials. He is known quite well in the region for repurposing rubbish into sculptures and kids’ playgrounds.

The wonderful music agency Fezah helped to provide 4 quality musical acts in Eli Live (who started his set with, ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…!), Herbert Ssensamba, Pragmo (super talented jazz band) and the darling Sitenda who closed out the night.
With 90% local artists, we also managed to locate a few cheerful Muzungus working in Uganda who were keen to perform fire-twirling for the crowd – something new and different to the folks here.

All in all, we had a fantastic time getting to know eachother and celebrating eachother’s art forms. Our videographer Kino has compiled and edited together the footage of the night for you to have a look – this will be available next week and I will send it to you all.

All the locals said it was the first time they had seen something like this in Kampala, that it was very popular and desperately needed and they would certainly tell their friends for the next one. The support we have felt from friends in Australia, locals here, and the various arts organisations in Kampala has been nothing short of astounding. We do hope that this concept continues here and continues to provide a paid platform for artists to express, share, create and collaborate.

Some of you may be asking how we spent your donations, so please have a look at our spending below for an insight:

Artist payments : 2 660 000 UGX = AU$1045
Tech (sound and video) : 1 000 000 UGX = AU$393
Targeted FB promo : AU$100
Supplies (ice, kerosene, etc) : AU$50
Music Manager – AU$38

Total spent – AU$1626
Funds remaining – AU$120

With the remaining funds and the fee raised at the door, we intend to hold another Art Party in Kampala, ideally run by the gents at Fezah Music Management. There are some opportunities for funding which will be explored as well, which will help support the event in its infancy. Thanks to you all, and the team here on the ground (Hip Hip Hooray for Rima Murray the superstar!) this was a great success, and looks to be continuing.

One million thanks, or in Lugandan, “Weebale.”