One of the most gratifying things as an artist or performer, is knowing that there are people in the audience who AREN’T your friends, family and support network, but who still think you are a valuable performer and wish to give their time as an audience member.

This is especially true and noticeable when performers travel outside of their comfort zone and find that there is a whole world of people out there who are interested in their artform and hard work.

Art Party is looking forward to hitting the road again in two weeks to return to Gosford, the home of The Rhythm Hut and The Rhythm Hunters. By travelling this event, we have an opportunity to bring a few of our favourite Sydney artists to the north and to meet some local performers as well. We aim to continue to grow our multidisciplinary community and to support emerging and established artists with a conscious, welcoming audience, high level of quality and above all, warmth.

Featured at the next Art Party Gosford, is local art-genius Ben Fraser (model/mask-maker, singer, painter, you get the drift…), Slippery Turtle (local duet Beth and Bekk with some powerful vocals and guitar), Nikki Steinfeld (from Sydney, a delicious folk singer), Loum, a Gosfordian crochet-installation artist, Helen Moors the local hoop queen, and Jessie Ray, a hard-hitting poet from Sydney and many more!

Pillow Fort? Yup.

Onesie Party? Yup.

Cosy Fire? Yup.

Sleepover Cuddle Puddle extravaganza? You bet.

Tickets are cheap as chips and $15 on the door.

Check the event out here and put it in your diary!