Hugs. Art. Dancing. Fire. Smiles. Performance. Singing. Happies. More Hugs. Poetry. Unexpectedly Incredible Strangers. Emerging Artists. Burlesque. VJs. Producers. Musicians. Graff Artists. Breakdancers. Ink Pressers. Clowns. Magicians. Workshops.

Art Party is a global and multidisciplinary platform for emerging artists, founded in Sydney, Australia in 2012. Art Party began as a monthly event in Sydney, welcoming performances of musicians, poets, painters, magicians, comedians, fire spinners, clowns, rappers, burlesque dancers, VJs, DJs, sculptors,  and dancers with a warm audience in artist-run spaces.

As time continued, Art Party has continued to connect with local businesses, innovators, artists, venues and the public to further facilitate the connection between inspiration and community. Art Party has travelled outside Sydney in a further attempt to create a dynamic, global community, including parties in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Gosford, Canberra, Melbourne, Airlie Beach, Bali, Goa Beach – India, St Petersburg – Russia, Nelson – Canada and London – UK.
All of this has been done on a dime. Crashing on couches and floorboards. Paying for rent with change because we took Art Party away on another road trip, surviving on 2-minute noodles and the grace of strangers. A passion project designed to be a meeting place for all the arts, for collaborative folk and those trying to also pay their rent in spare change.

Coming into our third year, we have built a Sydney-based show that sells out every month, with hands-down the best audience in town, and unique, impressive artists. Friends locally and internationally have been inspired by the events in Australia pledging to carry the warmth from our community onward and open up our humble stage to many more locations.

We are proud to have built a show that pays all contributors, hosts, artists, designers, and sound technicians. Any additional profits are re-invested into the growth of Art Party Australia and it’s international friends.

Let the arting begin!