Whispers about this woman filled my conversations long before I ever laid eyes on her. I’d seen her artwork grace the walls of my friend’s various warehouses, and I’d heard a detail of two of her self-prescribed sabbatical to the country, thinking it divine. She joined us at the Bright and Shiny anniversary as a bold addition to our cast of artists. We have invited her and her philosophy back to share with us again at the Women’s Edition – Art Party 35 .

Her name is Flutter Lyon. She radiates joy and peacefulness, understanding and love.

She is here to change the world, she says, like most of us Gen-Y-Hippies, however her attempts to do so are groundbreaking, courageous, outrageously simple and effective. Listen, share space, interpret, heal, give a gift of wonder, reminisce, rest.

She has recently raised over $8000 via crowdfunding to support her venture ‘Reflected Legacy’, whereby she captures the moments and stories of those in palliative care, at the end of their life. She then gifts these final pieces to the families or individuals suffering, giving them a moment to keep forever. I asked her a few questions to nail down her concepts, vision and beautiful vibration.


What inspires you to do this work?

People’s lives are filled with stories. Our sensations, emotions, connections and memories make-up who we are and how we interpret the world we live in. I think we need more ways of both sharing those stories and reflecting upon their significance in our existence.

It can help to access gratitude and celebration on a everyday basis, aligning our sense of self with our real experiences and showing us that what we value matters. We each matter, our stories stories mater -and when we feel seen and heard and we know that we matter, we get on with doing more of the things that matter.

Pressing Sessions are a way of sharing stories and recording them in a tangible, map-like form so that they can be recalled and built upon far beyond into the future. A reminder of each of our innate beauty, strength, courage, freedom and joy.

Isn’t it emotionally exhausting?

It can be, but it can also be energising and deeply rewarding. It’s exhausting in the sense that I have to take some intellectual and emotional time-out between Sessions – so I can be sure I to receive each story with my full heart and deliver a beautiful Ink-Pressing in response.

The brain and hands do become fatigued over long periods of time. But if I can have those moments of quiet and nourishment, then I can keep going endlessly. I’m finding I’m building more stamina as the project develops, being able to run longer Sessions and be able to bounce back faster. – what’s one moment you’ll never forget?

Recently, after one of the Pressing Sessions during the Reflected Legacy project in the Palliative Care Unit at Liverpool Hospital, one of the patients ate for the first time in a week. That is something I’ll never forget.

When I spoke to her the day after her Session, she shared with me that she’d finally felt a sense of lightness and freedom that she hadn’t felt for a long time. She was dying from ovarian cancer, it was completely understandable that she’d lost her appetite and that her emotions we what they were.

During our time together she shared stories of her flower gardens at home and playing with her children and her own childhood. She’d cried about those beautiful times.


I felt so happy to be able to be helpful in some way, to use art in a practical sense – and that it could have a physiological impact that brought some sort of comfort, healing and nourishment towards the end of her life.

It felt like something. Not cool art in a cool house. But useful art that was about her and was hers to utilise in whatever way could help. That’s what I’m interested in.

In your opinion, how can art help the healing process?

By engaging our senses, art can be a direct access point to our memories, emotions and beliefs.

By opening us up, we’re already on the path of healing. Art can offer a sensory environment that cushions us while we share our truths from a deep place. We don’t have to ‘make sense’ or fit into a mould. We can be more free in our sharing, which helps us to see ourselves with more courage and comfort. I think art invites us to be braver while providing us with a gentle hand of acceptance at the same time.

To see more Flutter or to book a pressing session, check her out here: Website | Instagram

From a personal perspective, though I’m still learning plenty about this change-maker, I know she has had a great effect on my outlook, my gratitudes and my hope. Thank you Flutter, for giving us pause and softness.

Love, Jessie Ray + the team at Art Party